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Crafting Harmony: Bernth's Journey with the 109-String Acoustic Harp Guitar

Bernth crafts his own acoustic harp guitar boasting an impressive 109 strings, a labor of love assembled from the bodies and strings of various plucked instruments, reminiscent of a ukulele. Constructing this marvel within the confines of his home, Bernth confesses to the considerable effort required to consolidate these myriad elements onto a single guitar body. Furthermore, he dedicates ample time to mastering the arrangement of chords and their resulting sounds.

Ultimately, Bernth triumphs in wielding his homemade acoustic harp guitar, employing its 109 strings to compose and record his original piece, "I Still Miss You." In a candid Youtube video, he shares insights into the genesis of the melodious instrumental track, recounting the inspiration drawn from his experimentation with this innovative musical creation.

The distinctive allure of the acoustic harp guitar lies in its haunting yet melodious resonance, each of its 109 strings contributing its own unique tonal quality.

This abundance of strings enables the player to weave intricate rhythms and solos simultaneously. Despite the initial challenge of mastering its complex configuration, Bernth adeptly navigates the instrument, employing one hand for rhythm and the other for soulful solos. As the video unfolds, his deft plucking technique mirrors that of traditional harpists.

Bernth reveals that each string is tuned to a distinct pitch, a meticulous process demanding an entire day of tuning. Practical considerations come into play as well; the substantial size of the acoustic harp guitar suggests the need for additional support, while its dimensions may require the player to adjust their posture for optimal performance. Although Bernth has yet to divulge the intricacies of his construction process, glimpses provided in the initial moments of his video hint at the craftsmanship involved.


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