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The 11th Congress of the German Society for Aesthetics (DGÄ) took place under the theme "Ästhetik und Erkenntnis," marking a significant event for this registered non-profit association boasting around 600 members. The primary aim of the society is to promote and coordinate aesthetics within the German-speaking realm, encompassing its wide scope that extends from philosophy to the fields of art, media, and cultural sciences. In 2021, the 11th DGÄ Congress centered its focus on the intricate relationship between aesthetics and cognition. This inquiry into the interplay between the two has been a cornerstone of philosophical aesthetics since the days of Alexander Baumgarten. Today, this topic gains renewed relevance, especially in the context of "artistic research," design exploration, "and alternative knowledge," as well as the realms of "compositional," "iconic," and "performative" thinking.

The comprehensive program of the 11th DGÄ Congress featured two keynote lectures, approximately 40 panels and discussion forums, a reading session, and two exhibitions. The event attracted over 100 participants and presenters from across the globe. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Congress was conducted in an online format, offering a free online participation opportunity to all interested listeners. Registration was accessible via the "Congress Access" portal. Following the conclusion of the Congress, this website will continue to serve as a public archive, providing ongoing access to the proceedings and discussions held during this intellectually stimulating event.



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