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Lemos Records

From its inception in January 2020, Lemos Records has transcended its New York roots to become a prominent label in the electronic music realm. What started as a personal platform to share music and art expanded into a dynamic space for fellow producers, with a distinct shift from digital releases to the tangible allure of vinyl records. Thanks to a strategic partnership with ReadyMadeDistribution, the label's captivating sounds now echo in record shops across the US and Europe, including the renowned Hardwax store in Berlin. Lemos Records revolves around a signature blend of stripped-back minimal techno, offering a sonic journey that's all about rhythmic allure and dancefloor-inspired grooves.

As Lemos Records strides confidently into the future, it envisions not just expanding its musical influence but also exploring new frontiers in merchandising and diverse record formats. This drive for evolution captures the essence of artistic exploration and innovation, making Lemos Records not just a label, but a dynamic force shaping the auditory and tactile experiences of music enthusiasts worldwide. With a commitment to movement and rhythm, Lemos Records continues to curate releases that invite listeners to immerse themselves in the hypnotic cadence of their carefully crafted sounds.




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