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ALT Records

Alt Records, a US-based techno label, party series, and podcast, emerges as a testament to the dynamic vision of Matt Altman, a New York City-rooted techno producer and DJ. With an unwavering commitment to pushing sonic boundaries, Alt Records serves as a creative platform where electronic enthusiasts worldwide converge. Through meticulously curated releases, and electrifying party experiences, Alt Records seamlessly intertwines the essence of techno with a global perspective, all while drawing inspiration from rich Japanese mythology.

Matt Altman's vision transcends geographical limitations, as Alt Records becomes a conduit for artists to express their unique sonic stories. The label's releases, often characterized by their forward-thinking and experimental nature, embody the ever-evolving essence of the techno genre. As the music speaks a universal language, the graphic visual identity of Alt Records weaves around the threads of Japan's mythology, adding an enchanting layer to the label's aesthetic. This fusion of techno's modernity with Japan's ancient narratives creates a visual tapestry that captures the label's ethos of pushing boundaries and embracing diverse influences.



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