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My Gay Eye

Since its inception in 2003, the pages of "Mein Schwules Auge" have woven a rich tapestry of queer narratives, transcending the confines of Western gay life. With a lineage of over 500 international artists and authors, this annual German anthology has become a portal to uncharted territories of human expression. In its nineteenth iteration, the anthology ventures boldly into unexplored realms, delving into the landscapes of erotic utopias and the evolving facets of future sexuality. Through stories of clandestine desires, vivid fantasies, and concealed images that artists have held back, the anthology becomes a testament to freedom and an experiment with the avant-garde.

Berlin, a city pulsating with the rhythm of liberation, is the perfect backdrop for this explorative journey. As readers immerse themselves in the nineteenth issue, the theme of 'Exploring Erotic Utopias' resonates as an ode to the magazine's mission—to challenge boundaries and redefine queer creativity. The collection serves as both a mirror reflecting the dynamic evolution of queer identities and a canvas where artists and authors paint the future with strokes of unbridled imagination. By inviting us to embark on this voyage of uncharted desires and unconventional narratives, "Mein Schwules Auge" reminds us that queerness knows no singular definition, no static experience. Through its pages, we are encouraged to embrace the fluidity of human expression and to celebrate the daring spirit that propels us towards new horizons.




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