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Why this year’s shortlist of comedy wildlife photography awards confirms trend to humanize animals

The comedy wildlife photography awards has announced its finalist — including 44 images for 2020. With an emphasis on showcasing the beauty, fragility and funny side of nature, these remarkable pictures of wildlife depict a distinctive aesthetic that humanizes the subjects, a photographic style that advances from conventional, human portrait photography.

Founded by Paul Joynson-hicks and Tom Sullam, the comedy wildlife photography awards is a global and free-to-enter competition for both professional photographers and passionate conservationists. In addition to providing some light-hearted relief, the competition aims to highlight the extremely important message of wildlife conservation in an engaging and positive way, working with the main competition partner — the born free foundation.

From a fox in heavy negotiations with a mouse, to a smiley fish and a photo-bombing giraffe, the shortlisted images create a feeling of participation in the viewer, of the subject actively engaging, to spark a connection and empathy with the viewer. The ultimate goal might be to highlight the similarity between humanity and nature, and reinforce respect for animals.

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