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Capturing Fragments of Joshua Tree: Vincent Leroy's Floating Lenses

Vincent Leroy, a French artist renowned for his experimental installations, unveils his latest creation, Floating Lenses, amidst the vast expanses of the Joshua Tree desert. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, Leroy transforms expansive spaces into experimental canvases, ranging from the Icelandic Glaciers to the Canarian volcanos. This optical and aerial marvel defies conventional boundaries, blurring the line between the tangible and the intangible, reality and illusion. It stands as a structure that seems to defy gravity, as its mesmerizing Fresnel lenses float effortlessly, captivating observers with their hypnotic display. Crafted from lightweight aluminum and carbon, Floating Lenses engages in a harmonious dialogue with its surroundings, capturing and reflecting an enchanting interplay of light and imagery.

Vincent Leroy's optical lens mobile gracefully takes flight above the Joshua Tree desert. Lightweight and ethereal, this mobile appears to effortlessly float above the arid landscape. Alluring images of this captivating installation are courtesy of Vincent Leroy.

Continuing his exploration of optical mobiles, Vincent Leroy presents Floating Lenses as a transparent, airy, and lightweight structure. Its delicate composition allows it to sway gently even with the slightest breeze. The Fresnel lenses positioned at its extremities respond to these subtle movements, setting them in a mesmerizing floating motion.

Through this interplay of intricate form and serene motion, the mobile establishes a harmonious dialogue with the surrounding environment, reflecting the vibrant colors and luminosity of the Californian sky.

The transparent surfaces of the moving optical discs overlay the landscape, capturing fragments and revealing them in the air through fleeting glimpses, akin to a hypnotic ballet. For Vincent Leroy, this dialogue with the environment is essential in all his creations. "I want my works to be part of the real world and, at the same time, offer a different perspective by adding a poetic or dreamlike dimension," notes the artist.


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