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TAEP/AAP Crafts Monolithic Red Dot Landmark in Kuwait City

The Red Dot by TAEP/AAP stands out with its glossy finish and distinctive presence, creating a dynamic dialogue between the structure and its organic surroundings. Located at the base of SOM’s award-winning Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait City’s Central Business District, this project transforms existing exterior public spaces into a cohesive urban landscape, enhancing both vehicular and pedestrian access.

The redesign utilizes large existing landscape elements and introduces new landmark features, reinforcing the site’s unique identity. Stretching along the west side of the complex from north to south, the exterior landscape connects the Office Tower Entrance and two Shopping Mall Entrances, positioned between the building perimeter and the road profile.

Central to this project is an exploration of spatial differentiation through the use of granite. Variations in tone, color, texture, and format—from polished triangular tiles to cobblestone pavers and rough slabs—delineate pedestrian and vehicular pathways. This material approach addresses the topographical differences between building entrances and the sidewalk, incorporating configurations such as pedestrian stairs, vehicular ramps, and hybrid ramps/stairs.

The term ‘Hamra,’ meaning red in Arabic, defines several key elements in this intervention, notably the West Valet Canopy and the South Alcove Bench. These red, stylized features highlight the main entrances to the Indoor Shopping Mall, guiding visitors whether they arrive on foot or by car. The canopy, created using Lamella-style engineered formwork and polystyrene for weight reduction, serves as a striking landmark and functional element.

The project, photographed by Fernando Guerra, integrates ornamental and indigenous trees and plants, both individually and in planters, to soften and enliven the site. These green elements provide visual screening, solar shading, and contribute to the microclimate.


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