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Briket: Recyclable Stool Made from Potato and Sawdust Debuts

Briket is an innovative, eco-friendly stool created entirely from potato and sawdust scraps. Conceived by Swiss designer Renaud Defrancesco, Briket made its debut at Salone del Mobile 2024, where its raw materiality and robustness were showcased.

Inspired by pellet production, the Briket stool is fully recyclable and can be burned as firewood for heating during cold seasons. This nine-legged stool emerged from Defrancesco’s experimental research into repurposing waste from local industries. His aim is to transform discarded byproducts into functional objects.

Collaboration and Testing

Renaud Defrancesco collaborated with designer Anne Bertoncini, conducting around 30 tests to ensure the feasibility and sturdiness of the stool made from potato and sawdust scraps.

Production Process

The Briket stool is produced by compressing sawdust and wood waste with excess potatoes from the food industry. The design remains unpainted to highlight the natural materials. It can be manufactured on-site where wood waste is abundant, such as in sawmills and carpentry shops, offering a sustainable solution to repurpose wood waste.

Exhibition and Recognition

At Salone del Mobile 2024, the Briket stool was part of the "OUT OF THE WOODWORKS" exhibition by the Swiss design gallery NOV. This exhibition, organized by Pro Helvetia Design, aimed to highlight the significance and current role of wood in design.


  • Name: Briket Stool

  • Designer: Renaud Defrancesco

  • Collaboration: Anne Bertoncini

  • Materials: Potato and sawdust scraps

  • Exhibition: Salone del Mobile 2024, "OUT OF THE WOODWORKS"

  • Unique Feature: Fully recyclable and can double as firewood

Renaud Defrancesco's Briket stool exemplifies innovative sustainable design, transforming waste into functional, recyclable furniture.


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