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217 Emojis Have Been Confirmed For 2021, Including A ‘Mending Heart’

Those whose heads are always in the clouds will finally have an icon to describe their dreamy dispositions. The Unicode Consortium, which has been developing the international standards for emojis, confirmed on Friday that 217 symbols have been approved for 2021.

Notable mentions include ‘Face Exhaling’, ‘Face in Clouds’, ‘Mending Heart’, ‘Heart on Fire’, and emojis of women with beards.

However, this will be a relatively small update, with 210 of the 217 being skin tone variants. The release is an extension of 2020’s Emoji 13.0 lineup, and will make up Emoji 13.1. As revealed earlier this year, the massive Emoji 14.0 rollout originally intended for 2021 will be delayed till, quite possibly, 2022 due to COVID-19.

The silver lining is that the 2020 selection will be entirely new to most people—only a handful of Samsung and Google smartphones have received the major 2020 update, with iPhones expecting theirs in the Fall. The 2021 release will add 217 emojis on top of 2020’s brand new emoticons.

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