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I believe in Science

3D color-block calendar

for those who like science and animals

Following the tradition of previous years (check the last year's calendar here), the graphic designer Otávio Santiago, for the year 2021 mixed the love for his animals (2 cats and 1 Shiba Inu) with a material that honors science and its importance for human history.

Mainly highlighting the participation of women in this scenario, each month celebrates an important name of science. From Maria Curie to Gertrude Elion, the chosen 3D elements illustrate the daily lives of each scientist.

The images play with a color-block aesthetic and with the spatial composition of the objects. The mixture of tones causes a feeling of "modern nostalgia"; a fun point of view for this universe.

With a limited edition of 100 print copies, the calendar has 13 pages and was printed 170g matt paper and it will be distributed just to friends worldwide… Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones!