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Kitsch and Elegance, calendar design

TCS Graphic, the esteemed printing house in Belo Horizonte, has embarked on a calendar project that exemplifies artistic excellence. This visionary initiative, stemming from your own creative vision, has been meticulously crafted by the talented designer, Otávio Santiago, and brings together the crème de la crème of the fashion industry in Belo Horizonte.

In this calendar project, we delve into the very essence of everyday life, captured through an enchanting Kitsch lens. The striking imagery, courtesy of the renowned "Mineral Studio," transforms each page into a vivid tableau. It elevates ordinary moments to the extraordinary, blending the fabric of daily life with the finesse of high fashion.

Under Otávio Santiago's artistic guidance, this calendar transcends the boundaries of mere timekeeping, evolving into a genuine work of art. It not only pays homage to the vibrant culture of Belo Horizonte but also underscores the limitless potential of print as a medium for creative expression. Through this project, TCS Graphic's unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation takes center stage, a testament to their commitment to transforming ideas into tangible, tactile masterpieces.


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