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Cones transform Ghent with a luminous orange glow during the Light Festival. I

In a captivating display, the Aula Academia at Ghent University becomes a radiant spectacle during the sixth edition of the Lichtfestival Ghent, commencing on November 22, 2023. CONES, a visionary installation by Spanish artist SpY, dares to disrupt the traditional solemnity of the historic architecture by embracing its neoclassical columns with 1984 luminous traffic cones. The unconventional and subtly subversive aesthetic reimagining of the building's façade creates a mesmerizing orange glow that captivates the urban streetfront during the day and transforms Voldersstraat into a warm and immersive visual experience at night.

SpY's artistic intervention takes inspiration from the commonplace traffic cone, using it as a vehicle for site-specific transformation. The mundane becomes magical as the artist envelops the Aula Academia, offering enchantingly unexpected and playful encounters for viewers. As daylight gives way to night, the cones come alive, radiating captivating orange hues that cast new and intriguing perspectives on the historic structure, inviting spectators to see it in a fresh light.

The Lichtfestival Ghent, renowned for illuminating the city every three years with creative works from both national and international artists, turns Ghent into a canvas for astonishing spectacles, installations, and performances—all revolving around the theme of light. Taking its place among the luminous offerings by artists like Charles Pétillon, Benedikt Tolar, and Atelier Sisu, CONES contributes to the vibrant tapestry of the festival, which will unfold from January 31 to February 4, 2024.


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