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Adorable Blue Cats Are Designed Across All Sides of a Milk Carton

Good graphic designers know how to create eye-catching food packaging that stands out on the supermarket shelves, and Russian artist Vera Zvereva is no exception. The talented designer—who works as the art director for branding agency, Depot—was commissioned to redesign the packaging of four milk products from Bryansk Dairy Plant’s (Milgrad) line. The result? An adorable blue cat design that creates different narratives according to how the packaging is displayed.

The dairy market occupies more than 22% of the FMCG food product structure, meaning it's pretty over-crowded in terms of brands. That’s why Zvereva decided to design unique packaging that would catch the eye of consumers, and encourage them to try the Milgrad products. The new packaging design features an adorable blue cat with wide eyes that’s illustrated in various, playful poses. Depot says, “He looks at the consumer with interest, plays with a string, looks out or freezes in anticipation.”

The cat illustration moves from one side of the package to the other, creating multiple shelf display options. Even the product barcodes are claw-verly shaped like a cat’s head. We’re sure Zvereva is feeling like “the cat that got the cream” with these purrfect packaging designs.

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