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My Paper Sunglasses

Step into a world where creativity and vision collide, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. "My Paper Sunglasses," an art project conceived by the visionary designer Otávio Santiago, sweeps across cultural capitals, leaving its mark in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Berlin, Montevideo, and Belo Horizonte. This avant-garde exhibition breathes new life into the concept of eyewear, redefining it as a vessel for self-expression and artistic revelation.

Beyond their role as fashion adornments, sunglasses bear the crucial responsibility of safeguarding and enhancing our vision. They act as gatekeepers, filtering the world we perceive, and selectively unveiling the moments we choose to share. Yet, Otávio Santiago's ingenious project, "My Paper Sunglasses," challenges conventional thinking. The paper sunglasses, rather than acting as tools to clear our sight, can, in fact, obscure it—enabling a different kind of enlightenment, a reverse blindness that leads to personal revelations.

The core of the project rests on collaboration. Artists hailing from diverse disciplines converge, invited to infuse their unique perspectives onto the paper lenses. These creative souls become subjects of their own artwork as they peer through their crafted visions. The paper sunglasses metamorphose into canvases, each one a platform for an artist's intimate point of view. The result? A profound reflection of themselves, a self-portrait they've long desired to witness, and perhaps more powerfully, to exhibit to the world.

"My Paper Sunglasses" is an artistic odyssey—an exploration of vision, collaboration, and transformation. As we slip on these ephemeral spectacles, we become privy to the unconventional, the unseen, and the profound. The project reminds us that art is not just about what we see—it's about how we perceive, interpret, and share. It beckons to all who dare to step beyond the ordinary and invites them to unveil their world through a lens crafted from imagination, creativity, and passion.



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4th Edition | Berlin 2014

3rd Edition | Rio de Janeiro and Montevideu 2012

2nd Edition | São Paulo 2011

1st Edition | Belo Horizonte 2010

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