Be Bold,  Be Italic,

But never Regular



Welcome to my website!  Nowadays, with a lot of information around, we have to capture the attention and interest from our public very fast; and design is an essential tool to give the best and memorable first impression from your product or service.


Graphic design should convey a clear message that is easy to read and be attractive to the eye. It is not just about style;  it is about to understand your public and connect them with your story and ideas. It should look beyond the surface of things, and explore both the minute detail and the big picture.


Good branding stretches across all communication mediums including printed pieces, website, social media, signage, etc. As a visual communicator, I am open-minded, receptive and I  always willing to try new things and comfortable taking inspiration from unexpected sources, new technologies and never stop learning. TALK about have the perfect partners for the projects. Here you can find a selection from my portfolio. Enjoy it!

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Graphic Art

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// Animation

// Micro Interaction


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Art Direction

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